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Birdwing butterflies are protected species and are imported legally into Australia under CITES legislation. All specimens are re-exported with an appropriate CITES re-export permit.  It is the customer's responsibility to ensure they are able to import CITES species into their country.

A CITES permit for our next shipment of birdwings has just arrived from our supplier in Indonesia. We will now apply for our import permit. We expect the permit to be prepared by late August. Birdwing butterflies can be pre-ordered until the permits are ready. Pre-ordering is the only way to purchase these specimens. An announcement will be placed here when pre-orders for this shipment are closed.

Please note that this shipment will be the last one for the time being. The main reason for this is increased permit costs and lengthy delays waiting for permits to be processed, especially for our international customers. Instead our focus will be on non-CITES species.

For our Australian Customers:

Full payment for specimens is required at the time of pre-ordering. If some some reason our contact in Indonesia is not able to supply the specimens (supply can be somewhat unreliable) or the specimens arrive damaged into Australia, your payment will be fully refunded.

We expect the specimens to arrive some time in early September. Your order will then be shipped to you immediately.


For our International Customers:

The same procedure as for Australian customers will be followed, as well as the following extra conditions:

- When the specimens arrive in Australia you will be invoiced for an extra $160 to cover costs associated with obtaining a CITES re-export permit and a customs declaration. Please note that if there is more than one international customer the overall cost per customer will be less as the fees will be shared. However, please assume that you will be the only international customer when placing your order to avoid any disappointment when you receive the invoice for the permit and customs declaration.

- When the specimens arrive in Australia there will be a further delay of one to two months for the CITES re-export permit and customs declaration to be processed. Of course we will work to obtain these as quickly as possible.